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Required Practice Uniforms

This year coach is requiring all players (Freshmen,JV, & Varsity) to purchase and wear practice uniforms. 


To make things extremely simple, orders will be placed directly through the supplier.  All orders will be bagged up and marked with each player's name for pick up in the weight room.  Players are responsible to pick up their orders on the delivery day. All items have the option to add player number which we strongly encourage.  This should help eliminate the locker room problems with lost or stolen items.  As always, items in the spirit pack are for players only and are offered at cost. 


Required Items Are: T-shirt(1), Shorts(1), and Game Socks (1 of each color)  

One of each item is required but there is the option to purchase extras.  


Optional Items Are:  Dri-fit Shirt, Sweatshirt, and Compression leggings. Shoe bags are also available to order

(Optional items are not required, but are approved to be worn at practice.)


Order Deadlines and Deliveries:

Orders submitted by will be ready for pick up in the weight room on .

Orders submitted by will be ready for pick up in the weight room on .

Order submitted by will be ready for pick up in the weight room on . 

FRESHMAN orders due by Friday, August 25th at the Freshman Welcome.

*All orders should be submitted by August 3rd, to guarantee arrival by the first day of practice.  


Follow the steps below to order your gear: 

1. Go our online store at


3. Select all required​ items (you may order more than one of each if needed) and any optional items and add to your cart. 

4. Check out and pay for your items.


Let us know if you have any questions.  Also, please forward this email on to families that you know to ensure everyone gets this information.  We try to collect every family's emails, but are not quite at 100%.  This letter will also be available for players in the weight room.

Summer weight room and conditioning are critical to our success. Your attendance and that of your teammates is very important. Plan on attending the weight room at least 3 days per week. Besides a lifting program that stresses total body strength we will be doing plyometrics and other speed training. We must be STRONG and FAST!


Booster Club Information

Parents, are you interested in helping out the Jackson High School Football?  Join the Booster Club!


A 4A football program is a huge undertaking. If you look at the prominent teams in our state they all have something in common. They all have large, very supportive booster organizations.


There are many things to do and we need people to help us. Bring your expertise and love of football and join the football boosters.


Visit their Facebook Page here:

Nutrition Corner

Are you eating right? Ever heard the saying “garbage in, garbage out”?


If you want to be able to perform at your best you need to take care of yourself. This begins with eating right and getting your proper rest.


Strive to eat a well balanced diet that is rich in nutrients. Dairy, fruits/ vegetables, protein, breads and grains are all important building blocks for your bodies. Do your best to find balance in what you are eating and stay away from things like fast food , sodas and other junk food.


If you are wanting to get maximum benefit from offseason workouts and conditioning you need to give your body the proper nutrition and building blocks it needs. You will see faster results from your workouts and conditioning if you are eating right.

JHS Football Program Philosophy

Program Philosophy

We want our student athletes to be winners in life, as well as winners on the field of play. The lessons that we teach as a staff will follow our players for many years. As we model attributes such as sportsmanship, loyalty, hard work, unselfishness, and discipline our athletes will be learning valuable lessons for their lives.


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