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School:  Henry M. Jackson High School

Mill Creek, WA

District: Everett School District

Athletic Director: Michelle Renee

Athletic Coordinator: Alan Briggs

Athletic Trainer: Brenda Black

League: WESCO 4A

Colors:  Forest Green & Black

Mascot:  Timberwolves

Fans: Wolf Pack

Popular Hashtags: #jhstimberwolves,  #jhswolfpack,  

#henrymjacksonhighschool, #thepack, #3strong



JHS Football Winning Seasons: 

2016-17       6-4

2013-14       5-5

2012-13       9-2

2011-12        5-5

2009-10      9-2

2005-06     5-5

2004-05     7-3 

THE foundation

We want our student athletes to be winners in life, as well as winners on the field of play. The lessons that we teach as a staff will follow our players for many years. As we model attributes such as sportsmanship, loyalty, hard work, unselfishness, and discipline our athletes will be learning valuable lessons for their lives.


Our program will be successful because of the sound, positive lessons that our young men learn. Our mission as a football program is to provide the young men at our school with the greatest possible learning experience we can offer.


Our first concern is the growth and development of the young men in our program. I believe in the establishment of positive relationships with these young men so that high school will be a rewarding life experience. I believe that it is imperative for our program to have rules and guidelines for our players to live by.


Discipline will perhaps be the most important lesson that our athletes will learn by being part of our program. We will bend to meet the needs or our players, however, our rules will not bend.



JHS Football is striving to make progress year over year at becoming and maintaining a role as a competitive force in Wesco Football.


Above and beyond just Football success, the program strives for each student athlete to succeed in their academics and life.


The future for the JHS football program is  very solid. As each year it is drawing more and more student football athletes and the legacy that JHS football provides of years of dedication, success, and community support are all combining to create a formidible football program.

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