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Freshman Football FAQ's

New to the program? Take a moment to explore a couple of items of importance.

What is SAC?

  • Strength and Conditioning training for all student-athletes. 

What is the best way to communicate with Coaches?

  • Parents have the option to reach out to coaches either via email or the Band app. Please be advised that in the summer months, Band is the most utilized form of communication. 

  • Players are also advised to use the Band app and email. 


What is Band app?

  • This is a communication tool for parents to receive important updates on game and practice times from coaches. Parents can get updates from the Booster Club on important events and keep up to date on all things Jackson Football. 

  • Coaches and players will also have a separate Band channel for updates, instructions, 

  • Need to get connected on Band? First download the band app in your app store then send an email to your player's Coach to get connected. or 


Do we need to purchase equipment?

  • In Spring we advise all players 9-12 grade to purchase a “Player Pack”. This bundle usually consists of a JHS Football T-shirt and shorts. These will be worn at practices and events throughout the season.

  • ALL freshmen will need to purchase a girdle with pads. This will be available to purchase on the same website.

  • Turf cleats and a mouth guard. Freshmen will be required to have a mouthguard with a strap included. 

  • If you need financial assistance please do not hesitate to reach out. Our wish is that every student that wants to play can play. 


  • Can parents or family members volunteer?

  • YES! Be part of the action! We have game day opportunities and we need you! From filming, moving the chains (for home games), or on our turf scoreboard keeper. There are plenty of ways to get involved. 


  • Summer and Time off

  • We encourage our athletes to be a part of the May and June practices and SAC’s. We want them at as many as possible. 

  • There are planned football events in July for youth and community. 

  • Fall ball attendance in order to play and compete begins 8/20/24

  • Please refrain from scheduling appointments, haircuts, driver's training, etc. during practices and or games. If a medical appointment has occurred the office will need a doctor's note upon the athlete's return to school. 



  • Lockers will be provided for all athletes (though they may need to share one with a teammate.)  Helmets and shoulder pads should be left in the locker rooms after practice. Clothing/uniforms can also be left in the lockers. All clothing is to be taken home after the last practice of the week and washed. Valuables and personal items should be stored and locked in a locker during practice. Locks will be provided for the season and will need to be returned or replaced at the end of the season. 


​​Understanding the player practices and the calendar

  • You will notice a set of (parenthesis) after the practice number.  This indicates what the players are expected to be wearing at practice. Examples: NP (No Pads) - Players wear their helmet (w/ mouthpiece), practice jersey, and shorts (girdle is optional). SH (Shells) - Players wear their helmet (w/ mouthpiece, Practice Jersey, shoulder pads, and shorts (girdle is optional) FP (Full Pads) - Players wear their helmet (w/ mouthpiece), Practice Jersey, shoulder pads, girdle, and practice pants (w/ kneepads)

Practice Starts!

  • The time posted as the start of practice is when coaches will blow the whistle to begin warmups.  It is not the arrival time.  Players should be arriving at the locker room approximately 20-30 minutes before practice is scheduled to begin to allow time to change into whatever is required for practice and earlier if they need to meet up with our trainer.  It usually takes 2-3 minutes to walk up to the practice field from the locker rooms.  The locker rooms will be opened at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start times. 


Does practice end on time? 

  • The time posted at the end of practice is when we should be coming down off the field.  Please arrange to pick up your athletes within 15-20 minutes after the conclusion of practice.  That should provide enough time to clean up the field, walk to the locker room, and change.  A coach will remain on site until the last player has been picked up but please be respectful of our time as well by picking up your athletes at a reasonable time.  

  • If transportation is an issue, we recommend reaching out to other parents in the program using the Band app. Many players who live in the same community often carpool.  

  • JHS asks that parents NOT park in spaces behind the locker room - those are reserved for staff.  Players should be picked up behind the main building by the portables (what we call the bus chute), in front of the main building, or at the upper lots by the practice field.  Doing this will help keep a steady flow of traffic behind the locker room and prevent a line of waiting for vehicles from stretching onto the main road.


Is transportation provided?

  • Transportation to all Games is provided through the district. Coaches will update the “report time” on the band calendar. This will reflect the time the player needs to show up. Early is always better. 

  • Parent-provided transportation will be needed for the Jamboree. 

When does the C-Team/JV schedules come out?

  • Typically the week after the first day of practice, this is because schools can determine what teams they will be able to field. If they can safely field three teams instead of two etc... So the delay is due to these changes and match ups to be scheduled properly so all teams in wesco get the maximum number of games. 

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