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JHS Football Represented at District Athletic Awards 2024

On May 30th, 2024 Everett Public Schools held their District Athletic Awards Recognition Night. This event is to recognize outstanding athletes, coaches, and additional contributors in support of athletetics from each High School in the District.

JHS Football was a stand out at this years award ceremony.

Senior Nathan Brooks JHS Football's Varsity Center received the following:

  • Finalist for the Robert C. Polk Memorial Scholarship

  • Three Sport Letter Award Recipient Football, Wrestling, Track

Junior Luke Casper JHS Varsity Football's Offensive Tackle was recognized for the following:

  • Three Sport Letter Award Recipient Football, Wrestling, Track

Head JV JHS Football Coach Richard Stuart was recognized with the following award:

  • Ronald Lee Hicks Distinguished Service Award

    • This award was about selfless service in the area of athletics. Coach Stu always goes above and beyond with his willingness to step in and help out JHS related needs scheduled or last minute.

JHS Football Booster Club President Eric Casper received the Pop of the Year Award

  • This award is given to one Ma and one Pop at JHS each year for their dedication, service, and contribution towards JHS athletics.


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