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Team Captains: A Vital Link

During the annual Season Kickoff Event, Coach Vincent announces who will serve as team captains. It is an exciting moment for the players selected as well as humbling to be considered for the task.

Coach Vincent shared, "In choosing our captains we look at commitment, leadership, character and attitude. Captains serve in a leadership role with their fellow teammates. In addition, captains serve as a vital link between the players and the coaches on any matters that require attention."

Without further ado, the 2017-18 Team Captains are:

Clint Wagner (#47) - not pictured

Johnny Navarro (#24)

Ben Olesen (#6)

Louis Stout (#72)

Daniel Arias (#7).

Keep an eye out for a 6th captain each week as well. The coaches will select a deserving player as captain of the week! (#66 Tyler Thomas was the "Captain of the Week" pictured above.)

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