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2024 Dates Coming Soon
*Typically arouND THE last week or two in JunE

Players must have a Permission Form filled out and a current physical and paperwork on file in FinalForms to participate. This camp is overnight;  please see these links for a camp itinerary and packing list. 



 Wolfpack Football Camp is a very important time for both individual players and the program as a whole. There is much to teach, both to the individual player and to the team. Each day our players received individual position instruction and practice and team sessions. . Coaches also have begun the process of player evaluations and setting the depth chart for the opening of fall practice. Last year’s camp was productive with the introduction of a few wrinkles to the offense and review of our core defensive fronts and coverages. The players worked hard, learned a lot, and had fun - which is the goal of camp after all.


Goals of Camp

This camp will continue to focus on both individual and team development, with a constant emphasis on basic fundamentals and team building experiences. The Jackson coaches are dedicated to making all campers better. Practices are structured with approximately 50 percent of practice time devoted to individual position instruction and 50 percent devoted to team development. Practices each day will Progress from individual skill development to full team application each day.


Athletic Training and Insurance

A fully certified athletic trainer will be on duty for all sessions. Camp attendees must have their own insurance and proof of a current physical (should be on file at the school). A current physical on record with the school is required for camp.


Equipment Needs

Each camper should have a comfortable pair of cleats, Shorts (sweats) , t-shirts, and socks. All football related equipment will be issued by the school and must remain at the school in the locker room when not in use.



Cost to attend camp is coming soon. All campers will receive a t-shirt. Make checks payable to Jackson Football Boosters or use our  "Pay Now" link

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