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We will be launching our WeFund4U fundraising efforts next week.  WeFund4U is a social donation campaign that has simplified the way teams and groups raise money. Fundraising is vital for the success of our program and we truly need to raise funds as our football program is in need.  WeFund4U has a streamlined process that allows the athletes to help raise money for a successful season.

All we ask, is that each parent/guardian help their athlete gather 30 or more email addresses of their biggest supporters ie "Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Family friends."  Then, emails will be sent to these potential donors where they can vidw our fundraiser page and decide if they want to donate.  The emails are DUE to coach Tuesday 6/6/17.  Please have the email addresses on the turn in sheet as well as on your athlete's phone in the notes for easy copy and paste.

Click the link to download the letter.

2016 Update!

This was a great success for the 2016 season!  Together our football families raised almost $12,000!  Thank you!!

WeFund4U Letter
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